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  • What Is Acne
    Acne is a problem for over seventeen million people in America. It is so common among young teens, who are going through the life changes of puberty..
  • The Breakdown on Types of Acne
    Acne is actually a condition that comes in quite a few varieties. The only reason to be interested in the different types is that each classification will come with a treatment that works just for it..
  • Acne Myths
    Many of the things you’ll hear about acne are myths, old wives tales, and fiction created over many years by people who were looking for the answers to the mysteries of acne..
  • Acne Prevention Tips
    The best thing you can do in the fight against acne is to try everything you can do to prevent it and to keep it from spreading..
  • Acne Realities
    Since we know that acne is caused by a blocking of the skin’s pores due to body oils and dead skin this should tell you that some of the things..
  • Women Coping with Acne
    When you’re a teenager acne is viewed as an uncomfortable part of growing up. It always seems to get worse right before that big date or the school dance..
  • Baby Can Get Acne Too
    It is normal for infants to have acne. It is called acne neonatorum. It is very common, occurring in at least twenty percent of all infants. It will start immediately after the baby is born..
  • Back Acne
    Back acne can be a problem that many athletes have to deal with because of the two major causes one of them is sweat..
  • Kitchen Products Make Great Acne Remedies
    Who would have thought that some of the best natural acne remedies are hiding out in your own kitchen? If you are reluctant..
  • Acne Remedies Are all Around Your House
    There are many things that can be done to help an acne problem without using prescription medications, over the counter cures, or straight off the shelf lotions and creams..

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