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Hepatitis C and Dating

What can you do if you have the Hepatitis C virus and want to have a normal loving relationship? Dating in this day and age is difficult enough but dating when you have the Hepatitis C virus can be even tougher.

You might think it is impossible. If you are fortunate enough to meet someone and begin dating how long before you find it necessary to broach the subject of having Hepatitis C? That can be a scary thing for those who are not infected.

They may not want to take the chance of getting too close to someone who is infected for fear that they themselves could contract the virus. Who wants to go through that kind of rejection?

Then what do you do? No one wants to envisage a life alone. The best alternative is to look into the dating sites that are aimed only at those who have Hepatitis C. With several million sufferers in the Untied States it seems that these dating sites are worth looking into.

There is nothing wrong with visiting these sites. You shouldn’t feel funny about it. People are there for the same reason you are, to be seen as a person of worth instead of someone with hepatitis. Maybe you’ll find that someone special and maybe not. At the very worst you will meet a bunch of people who will give you understanding and compassion instead of being afraid of you.

There are sites like this all over the world. With over a hundred million sufferers globally there must be some people you can meet who will help to fill that void you feel. Many people who have Hepatitis C stop socializing for fear of a lack of compassion from both old friends and those they may meet.

They feel ostracized and so over time they become lonely, keeping to themselves to avoid the pain of potential rejection. No one should have to live like that. Not when the opportunity to change all that is opened to you.

These sites also usually offer chat rooms for those times when you are feeling most alone and just want to feel in the company of friends that understand what you are going through. A lot of these dating sites for people with Hepatitis C also offer support groups for this same reason.

It allows an exchange of ideas and the opportunity to listen to advise from others who may have had treatment successes. As well, it’s just nice to share the day’s events with people you enjoy talking to.

Maybe you’ll meet your should mate, fall in love and never be alone again. Maybe you’ll find a lover who is lonely like yourself and that builds to something lasting. Or maybe you just have the opportunity to make some friends to go to the movies with or out for the odd dinner.

No matter which one it is it will lessen your loneliness and bring you back into the world of people again.

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